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Just enrolled

Unread post by Ineca »

Hi! I just enrolled in 3 courses and I'm having lots of trouble in open my assignments in my computer. I also have an iPad but don't really know if it's possible to do the assignments with my ipad. Can anyone help me?
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Re: Just enrolled

Unread post by Renske »

Hi Ineca

Love your name. I just enrolled in Home staging and am figuring things out as well. Wondering if it is difficult to do the assignments on an ipad if there is not some type of word program to work out of.

I am wondering about the profiles we are asked to complete. It wants us to introduce a business which I do not yet have. Did you understand it this way?

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Re: Just enrolled

Unread post by Queeniecr »

Hi!! Try going to the 'HELP' page, its got how to save and open the assignment files (PDFs) outside of the web browser, which is what it automatically opens in. Also, I think the Course Guide book has some info in it too. I use Open Office; it's free and I like it pretty well. I'm not sure about using a iPad. I know Apple has restrictions on some things, so I'm not sure if it would work.

And about the business profiles, I did do mine but I didn't fill out any of the things like 'business name, phone number, ect.' I just did the 'about me' part. :)

Hope this helps!!
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Re: Just enrolled

Unread post by shirig »

My assignments wouldnt open in openoffice so I had to download a free trial of microsoft office so trying to get as much done in the 30 days as possible . when I downloaded the program ,it gave me options for tablets,ipads etc. I hope that helps, still consuming coffee ,so not completely alive yet ;)
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