New Student from Texas

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New Student from Texas

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Hi Y'all!
So I just registered on March 13th. I had been debating enrolling for about a whole month. I searched many many online schools. In Texas there aren't that many design schools nearby where I live. I live in the very bottom of Texas (it's extremely hot, our winters consist of shorts and sandals) and the nearest interior design schools are in Austin, Baylor University and somewhere else upstate. Anyways, I have a Masters degree in Biology, a certified high school teacher in Texas, and a Professional Body Piercer of 10 years (yes I had an ex teach me how to pierce and used that skill to keep me employed all throughout college & grad school). Currently I'm a part-time body piercer and stay at home mom. I have an infant and a 3 year old and my husband suggested I take some time off from my career (the one that never started after grad school because I became a new mom). Anyways, 3 years later, here I am still taking a small break. However, I always had a passion for the arts. all kinds. Whether it be crafting, drawing, body modification, jewelry making, beading, pottery, I'll try it all. I never knew I had a talent for design until we bought our first home. although a starter home, I turned it into a beautiful nest. Our pergola outside became our sanctuary. We have a tiny home, but I made it work. Friends and Family have complimented me tremendously on home interior and decor. I wish there was much more I could do to our home but my husband won't let me since we plan on building our custom dream home. This is one of the reasons why I decided to take a course on interior design and obtain a new artful skill that I could use for a lifetime. Creating your dream home takes skill and a lot of work. I want to make sure everything is done right and what better than to actually learn for yourself first hand so that we actually know what the architect, interior designer are talking about. For a while I thought a home staging business could really do me good but I must do a little at a time. I'm constantly on the search to learn new things and give them a try. I know this is a passion but there are very few people who have an eye for this kind of art. If I do realize that I have it then this opportunity might open new doors for me and perhaps a new career path that I could love.

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Re: New Student from Texas

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Hello Priscilla!

I find it so fascinating hearing others stories! I myself have only recently decided to pursue the design industry and am really loving it so far. I am enrolled in three courses at the moment through QC; Interior Decorating, Home Staging and Color Consulting.

I'm also a mom (to a 1.5 year old) and work full time at the moment. Its been super hectic but I am loving the courses so far. I had originally looked into taking a 2 year Interior Design program through a university but found the programs were all in places at least 2-3 hours away, and were full time. Which wasn't going to work at the moment with a young one at home and full time job. I love that places like QC are offering online courses.

Hope everything works out for you!!

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Re: New Student from Texas

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Hey, Priscilla. Fellow Texan here from Houston! I'm about to start an Interior Design degree as I've been in the industry for around 11 years on the construction side, but it's the design aspect that I really love. With a wife and two children, this is going to be a big step for us, but I thought this would be a great introduction into the basics.

Wishing you the best of luck in your endeavors!
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