Final Project- F4, so confused!

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Final Project- F4, so confused!

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Has anyone finished their final project/room layout and know exactly what the school is looking for?? Or any examples??

I find the criteria too vague- I'm not sure if they want the final blank layout (Assignment-F4) to have the actual measurements written in like the sketch portion does or if they want us to leave out the measurements on the final draft and only draw the layout to scale. It doesn't say to write the measurements but I feel like it maybe is implied?

Any help would he huge! Thanks!
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Re: Final Project- F4, so confused!

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Hi, I just got grades for the unit F. Yes, you are right, for the rough sketch you can show the measurements of the room, but the sketch itself doesn't have to be drawn on proper precise scale. In reality, the rough sketch will be done on site at client's home and we probably would be standing and will be holding a paper pad to record the measurements. So, there's no way that would be drawn on scale. On the contrary, as the final floor plan is drawn to scale, you don't have to write measurements for each surface. Hope this helps.
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