Unit B Assignment 5

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Unit B Assignment 5

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Hi everyone! I was hoping you guys could show me some of your work for this assignment so that I could have a better idea of what I can do with these rooms? I'm having such a block, I've been working on this assignment for a month. Maybe I'm overthinking or maybe I'm just a perfectionist, but I need help trying to get to the next one. I would greatly appreciate any help I can get! Thank you!
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Re: Unit B Assignment 5

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Hopefully you've made some gains with this assignment. I really focused on the client's needs (re read the scenarios a bunch of times). Baby room - I made sure the child could grow into the space - therefore age neutral finishes and easy to update finishes/theme. Living room - I focused on lightening up the ceiling and I did the entire room (it says living room but it's one big space). The dining room was hard for me mostly because whole room isn't shown (back wall or more of a walk through space? IDK). I added a complimentary wallpaper (to go with paint colour already there) and to help divide up the space even more. Hope this helps. Maybe you're done already. Have fun with it. I'm an over thinker LOL. I add one to two optional items for the client. This actually helps me when I can't decide on something specific.
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