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Final Project

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So I'm working through the final project and have a few questions I haven't found the answers to while reviewing the course. Assignment F2 under Windows: Sill height. Should I be measuring from the floor? Both my windows sit under a platform tub so do I measure the height from the floor to the sill or from the platform to the sill or am I misgendering what sill height is altogether?

Another question on assignment F2 for mouldings: It is asking for the dimensions. I only have baseboard moulding, should I be providing just the width of the moulding used or do I need to provide the length for each of the section?

Last question is for assignment F5 for the compass notation: On the floor plan we are to post the compass and notate North. What happens when North is facing the corner of the room? In all plans I have seen, I have never noted the compass notation at an angle, it has always been facing the opposite edge of the paper. Must the notation of North always be the north side of the room in the floor plan? Just needing to know if my final floor plan needs to be presented on an angle to note the correct location of North on the compass.

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