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so when you pick your color palette, you have a primary color, secondary color, and 1-2 accent colors... so this could be a silly question but I will ask anyway: if you have various shades of one color, is it all considered one color or have I used up my secondary and accent colors also? I hope that makes sense...

Anyway, I am Loretta, just turned 50 years old, just got done with unit A of Interior Design... did alright, got an A... but I struggled with the self-study assignments the most... mixing water color paints was super hard, and doing that color scheme on the blank paper they gave us was hard... I prefer to look at real picture via Pinterest or internet searches. I didn't think the two scenarios were easy by any stretch of the imagination but I did prefer that assignment over the self-study ones... can't say I mastered the self-study ones...

Thank you in advance for your help!
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Re: color

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HI Loretta
If you have various shades of one color, that would be considered a monochromatic color palette.
Keep challenging yourself throughout the course and you will better grasp the concepts.
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