Feng Shui Bedroom Design Question

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Feng Shui Bedroom Design Question

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Hi Fellow Feng Shui Students,

I just started my course and I read about Feng Shui principles for bedroom layout on website blog, and was hoping you could help me with a concern I have regarding windows in my bedroom, which is in the North/East part of home (on Bagua Map it's at the back right of home - I have a South-facing home). I have three small windows over the bed, about six-seven feet off the ground (on the right hand side of the Bagua map (E side of room). Then a large window beside the bed, and a patio door leading outside.

I read warnings about having windows over the bed and was wondering if they are small and high enough, would this still impact our energy? Also can you could have too many windows in a bedroom?

Thank you for any tips you can offer about this. II appreciate your sharing.
Kindly, Joanne
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