Business launch Open House

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Business launch Open House

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Since I am working out of my home and all of the work I've done on my property is the example of the in-depth skill-set I've learned, I've decided to debu the home in a business Open house on June 11th.

With all of the beautiful flowers in full bloom and everything green, it's a perfect time to "oficially" launch the business. SO MUCH TO DO... SO LITTLE TIME. I've really loved the training I've recieved with QC Design school, it's been fun!

Word-of-mouth is so very important around here, and to top it off, people like to "see" what I'm able to do. I just wanted to everyone to know that I have enjoyed every bit of my training, and hope that all of you are successful in your career goals.

My best to you all! :)
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Re: Business launch Open House

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I'm new to the forum but that is a brilliant idea, hope everything went well, would love an update.
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Re: Business launch Open House

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let me know how everything goes!
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