Multiple focal points and sectional sofa

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Multiple focal points and sectional sofa

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Hi everyone!

I am having problems with focal point and with rules to position sectional sofa. My new apartment has a huge window (half wall )facing the River. This is the natural focal point, but I need to put the TV on the wall perpendicular to it. Also I have a piece of art the I would like to use over the sofa on the other perpendicular wall and could compete also as focal point. I researched and saw that for multiples focal points you can put strong colors to catch the attention for the primary focal point and use light colors to give less importance to other focal points, so you drive the attention just to one of them. I already planned how to do it using the information I researched but I would like to make sure I am not violating any important rule of design. Someone knows where I can find a guide for multiple focal points and how is the right way to position a sectional sofa?

Thank you very much!
Have a nice week!

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