New Student in Indiana

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New Student in Indiana

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Hello QC. My name is Darnell, from Indianapolis, Indiana. I recently enrolled in the course. I am earnestly anticipating the arrival of my package so that I can dive head first into this exciting world of staging and redesign. I have always been interested in design, but being of a large stature with aspirations to play professional sports, I guess my passion for design got kicked to the side. I have been searching for along time , going from job to job, changing career directions multiple times to almost giving up on ever living my American Dream. I just wanted a career that I could be happy doing for a very long time and though the hospitality industry appealed to me for a very long time, I've discovered that Staging and Redesign is my true passion.
As a child growing up in the US Virgin Islands my mother would always rearrange the furniture in every room of our 3 be room house fairly often. Sometimes she would just move one chair, or the bookshelf or turn the coffee table at an angle. Little things that made a huge difference in the room. I think I gained an appreciation for the art of redesign as a child and never really knew it. I found myself watching HGTV and became a fan of shows that featured Design Plans but it never dawned on me until recently when something just clicked, I guess a light bulb had turned on.
I am so excited that I have already registered a domain name for my business, and am working on developing my business plan. I want to be ahead of the game and I feel that with my training and education from QC Design School, my staging career is about to reach new heights I've always dreamed were possible.
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Re: New Student in Indiana

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I am in the same program, It has increasingly helped my business grow and make much more money due to the fact that I have a cleaning company. Cleaning, organizing and De cluttering is what every person wants! I love this course. It has taught me so much already! I am in Murfreesboro TN
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