Focal Points

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Focal Points

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I'm renovating my quest bedroom, and have also just started the Interior Design and decorating course unit A. I was curious, as I'm at the part of focal points, color and room styles, if my focal point for this room would be the bed, or the wallpaper accent wall behind the bed?? Not sure what would act as the focal point, I plan to design around the features and color of the wallpaper, so I assumed the focal point would be the wallpaper, any thoughts?
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Re: Focal Points

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Your focal point (or points) would be one of the first things your eyes would be drawn to in the room. For example "the bed", "a fireplace", "a picture window" - It may be an existing architectural feature, or a point that is "created" - re-read the section of the book on focal points and talk to your tutor - they are the experts! Good luck on your journey...
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