Lighting Question

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Lighting Question

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So I'm struggling a bit with lighting. I want/need to add some additional lighting to a room that already has a new ceiling light. I want to add some hanging lights on both sides of the bed over each bedside table - how do I "marry" different lights? What do I look for or is there a trick/rule on how to do that? I don't lights that just don't compliment one another. Do I go with color, material?
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Re: Lighting Question

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I think you can go a few routes with this. You can go with similar style or try using the same base metal or material. Although there are some great metals that compliment each other. ie, brushed brass pairs well with oil rubbed bronze or black even.
As long as you stay with the same vibe/flow of the room, let your creativity have a lil fun.
I love the idea of hanging lights beside the bed!!
I think the 'layering' of the lights will work... :D
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