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New Student

Unread post by Cheri0509 »

Hi!!! My name is Cheri McQueen I'm currently a flight attendant with United Airlines. I started flying late in life and it is my second career. I was in Neurophysiology for 17 years prior to being a flight attendant. I'm so very excited to start this journey as a decorator/stager. I have had a passion for decorating for many years, I just never pursued a education or a career in the field. I believe that it really makes sense right now seeing that I have so much downtime due to the Corona Virus. I also have a nice advantage as my sister is a Broker with a good size team at Keller Williams Reality Walnut Creek California.

I look forward to learning all the in's and out's of this fabulous new field. I also really look forward to working with all of you my new classmates!!!!!!

Have an amazing day!!!!!!
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Re: New Student

Unread post by DianaP »

Welcome Cheri,
This is my second career as well. I am currently a Montessori teacher but I am burning out. I am making the change after being in education for over 20 years. I wish I had the advantage that you have to a connection in the Real Estate business - but Im hoping to find an assistant position.

Enjoy the course.
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Re: New Student

Unread post by AFelix »

Hi all, I am also a new student from Ontario, Canada! This is also a second career route for myself and am looking forward to learning and enhancing a new skillset. Good luck to you all and can't wait to begin bouncing ideas off one another!

Hope everyone is staying healthy and happy!
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Re: New Student

Unread post by Kaur »

Hello Everyone

I am excited to connect with all of you as this is also my second career. Prior to this, I have worked as an Human Resource Professional.
I am from Toronto, Canada. Open to help anyone in anyway.

Good Luck!
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Re: New Student

Unread post by LauraFragoso »

New here as well! I’m currently a preschool teacher and am also burnt out and needing a career that pays more, as well as offers me the opportunity to use my passion and creativity for decorating! I’m excited to connect with you all!
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Re: New Student

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Hi! I'm a new student and I was wondering if it would be alright to use a pet in Unit 1 A3 in the client profiles. The room I'm using is also a pet room so it would make sense for me to include her, but if I can't that's alright too. I'm not sure where I should post general assignment questions.
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