How do I contact my tutor?

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How do I contact my tutor?

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I am currently in the process of moving and don't have a room to take a picture of for my assignment. I want to see if I can use a picture from Pinterest instead before I continue my assignment. However, I'm not sure how to contact my tutor.
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Re: How do I contact my tutor?

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Hi Jada,

I had the same issue and I just used a picture of a friends room! Should work :)
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Re: How do I contact my tutor?

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Re: contacting your tutor -- you can't.

Perhaps the most disappointing part of this program is that you cannot contact your tutors. The lack of real human support is a huge downfall of this program for me.

Hope everyone else is having better luck!
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Re: How do I contact my tutor?

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I agree. I have completed 2 units. I thought I had the same tutor throughout. The first tutor reviewed the unit in 2:49 minutes - audio is terrible - I have to strain to here with microphone turned all the way up - tutor seemed very complimentary in the short time she talked. Second unit had a different tutor, who talked 20:25 minutes - again very difficult to hear comments. The tutors need to SPEAK UP! This tutor spoke longer, but basically picked apart everything I did, with fault and her own preferences - and didn't use as a teaching moment to suggest what colors should be used.
This is discouraging to have A+ comments on one unit, and everything wrong on the next. I assumed the same tutor stay with the student throughout the course - This has certainly zapped my motivation to continue.
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Re: How do I contact my tutor?

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My question is.. Are the assignments correct answers based off of the Instructors opinion or what you as a Interior Decorator chooses for the clients? Because in my instructor's opinion Red is not a spicy color. I thought the reason for going to school was to learn the know how of the business, not be graded from opinions that truly discourage you from wanting to continue. Teachers Encourage their students not make them think that they've made a bad choice in careers or schools.
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