What made you choose this course?

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What made you choose this course?

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Hello everyone!
My name's Claudia and I am a student of QC Event School - International Event and Wedding Planner course.

I've always been a lover of writing: my dream was to become a writer! :D

I looked to this course and I really liked it, though I'm not sure yet which course to choose.
As a QC student, I get a discount if I subscribe so I want to know from you, actual students:

- Why did you choose Winghill Writing School? What does it have more than any other school?
- How did you pick your course? Was it clear since the beginning, or did you take some time to make up your mind?
- How do you find the course so far? Do you think it actually gives you the bases to become a writer in the near future? (I find my course very well done, I love the assignments and I think it actually gives the right bases to become a Event and Wedding Planner. Since the schools are like "together", I guess it's the same also for the Winghill one!)
- How are the assignments stuctured? I mean: it's mostly theorical or you have to actually submit short stories?

Thanks a lot to those who'll help me make up my mind! :)
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