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San Franciscan

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I have chosen memoirs. I'm on the geniology part. I have to find out if Tom Tryon and Louisa May Alcott were part of my tree. My last name is Tryon. I came from CT, where Tom Tryon came from also. I have an embroidery which, one of her names is Alcott. She did this work when she was 12 years old. It will be hard, since she did it in 1847. Records of that era will be difficult to find. I'll see what I can do.
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Hi I am brand new to this school. I just submitted my personal profile and am awaiting feedback and my course materials. I am looking forward to receiving both. I used to search for my real birth father and other brothers. I found one brother had passed away in 2010 and I was able to locate his daughter. I also found my other brother who lives in San Diego. It was thrilling to me to find thes long lost relatives and I now correspond with them. Good luck to you.
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