Assignment 1

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Assignment 1

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I'm new to the novel writing course and I was wondering, assignment one where we break down the structure of four novels, does this assignment get turned in? I had a hard time telling if it was one that was graded, or just one we do for ourselves. Also, the books I would like to analyze are all part of the same series, by the same author. Will this work, or do I need to get a bigger cross cut?
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Re: Assignment 1

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HI ! I'm also new to the program. Yes, the assignment has to be uploaded, you basically have to do it all via word. But I was wondering, do you get part 4? When it's asking us to select 3 random pages from all four books and then has a list of 7 things to analyze. Do you think it's asking us to do that for each page separately? :?: :?: :?: :?:
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