Outlines and Hangnails

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Outlines and Hangnails

Unread post by supersonicsuzie »

My outline is shabby to say the least.

I've been "working" on it off and on for almost a year... T_T

What a dreadful and embarrassing thing!

This thread is for anyone who would like to air their grievances about their own shabby outlines, the struggles they may have had (or are still having), and what tips and tricks helped them push through this awful phase.

I went with a list-style outline, with scenes depicted in numerical order. Once I had this base-list down, I was able to expand on it with sub points and sub plots. This gave me the outline I had been desperately trying to achieve from the get-go.

Ah, sweet bliss.

Maybe now I can stop chewing my fingernails over this.

Please post below! We would all love to hear what you have to say! (or read what you have written)
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Re: Outlines and Hangnails

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Ah, outlines they can be challenging and I hear ya. I like to call it, Writer's Block Syndrome! I just started and finished my 3rd assignment recently, wished I had some tricks and tips, and will post some here if I think of any! What assignment are you on?
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Re: Outlines and Hangnails

Unread post by paulebe »

when i have ever tried to write an outline, i just start writing it, even if it makes no sense, when i number and letter it...i try to take it apart as a puzzle and reassemble it as a new puzzle. it works for me. i learn as i go.


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Re: Outlines and Hangnails

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At the end of the day, an outline only needs to be understood by one person - the writer. It's YOUR outline, no one elses. Your readers will never see it. Just write it however you feel the most comfortable; it's called an "outline" for a reason: to outline the story, be it step by step or with brief bulletpoints. Of course, if you're submitting it to your tutor, then make sure it's easy for them to follow, but always remember that it's just your own personal map through the world you've created. After all, we can't be expected to recall everything!
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