What do I name my assignments to submit?

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What do I name my assignments to submit?

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I am currently working on my first assignment, which has three parts to it and is found in 'Unit 1' from 'Book 1'. When I finish and am ready to send in my assignment, how should I save it to be recognized as my assignment? Do I save it with my name or student number? How do you know which assignment I am submitting? Do I also list the Assignment number, unit number and book number in the file title? Please give me an example of how to save my work to submit.

Thanks, Janet
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Re: What do I name my assignments to submit?

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Hi Janet,

It's wonderful to hear you're ready to assignment one :)

Since you will be submitting you assignments through your own personal account the system will make it clear who you are, and which assignment you're submitting. With that being said, it might help you organize your documents on your computer by identifying the document with your student and assignment number.

For example, you could save your first assignment as the following:

W99999 assignment 1.doc (where 99999 is your student number)

I hope that helps!

Kind Regards,

Student Support Manager
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