Assignment 1 Clarification

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Assignment 1 Clarification

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My first assignment has three parts, each with a writing task. Part One asks to 'Briefly describe each topic'. Part Two instructs me to 'Write your answers'. But Part Three says to 'Submit your explanation and outline'. So, do I only submit the work from Part Three?
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Assignment 1- Clarification

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Hello Everyone!

Since there has been some confusion regarding Assignment 1 we decided to offer a place where everyone could come to get some clarification.

I would first like to mention that you do not have to worry about producing a piece that is ready for publication right now. We are not expecting you to be a pro from the get-go. This is simply a means to practice and to help you for when you are ready to create a piece that you feel confident submitting.

The first step of this assignment is to simply pick two topics that you may be interested in writing about. This can range from a trip to a favourite location, a parenting challenge or even a local political issue. The most important thing is to make sure you are knowledgeable about a topic, or can become knowledgeable through research.

For the second part of the assignment you need to find a magazine or newspaper that you would target for each of your topics. If you want to write about a new recycling program in your city, you may want to pick a community newspaper. This research can be done online, or by going to a local library or bookstore. In this section you will name the publications you would target.

The third part of the assignment is where it all comes together. This is where you tell us why you decided on the publications you chose for each of your topics. In the example of the recycling program you would probably choose a community paper because the program is going to affect the community. This is also where you give us any small details that would make your chosen publication make even more sense. Say you want to write about a community event and there is a local newspaper that has an event page in each of their issues. This would be a great reason to choose that specific paper.

One thing to remember in your assignment is to be specific. You do not want to be too vague with what you are writing about. Being general can complicate things, so it is always better to simplify and choose a more direct topic.
As always, feel free to contact to school if you have any other questions by e-mail or phone. We’re always happy to help!

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Re: Assignment 1 Clarification

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When I submitted my first assignment to my tutor, her comments basically told me that I needed to pick subscriptions that would pay for my articles and that both of the subscriptions I picked sounded like non-paying publications. Well, they were non-paying, they were local publications. I thought the purpose of the exercise was just as you explained, to help us prepare, I certainly wasn't expecting to write something that could be published or pick paying magazines/papers the first time out of the gate :lol: But I LOVE - LOVE my tutor. She is amazing.
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