Students Personal Profiles!

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Students Personal Profiles!

Unread post by K.Dehaan »

I thought I would create a poll just for some Information on the other students from the Creative Writing course.

It's easier to post/reply and give advice if we are a little more acquainted, so I will start!

My name is Kala, I am 23 years old and live in Barrie Ontario.
I have been writing ever since I can remember but usually short stories, letters to friends or poetry.

My goal after this writing course is to take a Child & Youth course and become a Motivational Speaker for teens.

I feel that I need to get into the more public writing and learn to organize my thoughts better.

Now your turns! :)
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Re: Students Personal Profiles!

Unread post by LuewynNight »

My name is Melissa and I am 27 years old. Currently I am working a part-time job at a local call-center. I have been interested in writing for as long as I can remember and I have seen a good portion of the US due to Military father. I am currently living in Kentucky because my father has family in this area and the scenery is breath-taking. I spent most of my life writing short stories and poetry. I did not have much support when I was growing up but now my family has read some of my work and encourage me to become what I always dreamed to be. After completing this course I plan to continue farther because I hope to be a novelist as well as a professional poet. I enjoy fantasy theme style mostly. It's a pleasure to meet everyone and I hope you have a wonderful day.
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Re: Students Personal Profiles!

Unread post by blondesetter »

Hello my name is Pam. I am 44 and live in the Seattle WA area. I have recently retired from full time work and am following a dream of mine to become more educated on writing. After this course I most likely will take the Novel course as well. My goal? I have many women who come to me for business advice regarding taking risks and going for what you want. I feel I need this course in order to compile articles to fit in this need. I also have 3 books I have started yet not finished as I feel the roll of the books is not going as smoothly as it should and I need this course in order to not waste time to finish it.
I admire you ladies and men who are much younger than I am and are following your goals and dreams! Together lets get "creative".
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Re: Students Personal Profiles!

Unread post by ParvizSh »

Hi Everyone,
I hope everyone here is doing great. My name is Parviz and I live around Seattle area in WA State. I am a new student here. In the past and during my lifetime, I have done a very great deal of the English writing in so many different aspects.( including : Teaching the English language as a second language, helping college and university students with their writing assignments , writing short stories and poetry as a hobby, writing cool and exciting movie reviews on my Facebook page and etc.) I am currently working on my first new Vampire novel book.
The world of writing is just so wonderful and great. There is definitely no better feeling than creating a great and an entertaining story. I finally decided to go after what I really loved to do and turn my lifelong dream into a wonderful reality. My goal here is to learn as much as possible and work my way up toward being a published author.
Thank you very much Kala for creating this great acquaintance poll here! :)
I am very excited to start my online writing classes. I am looking forward to working with you all. :)
Your New Classmate,
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Re: Students Personal Profiles!

Unread post by MarineWarrior »

What a wonderful way to start a course. I found the personal profile very stimulating as I was able to capture thoughts from many years. I'm in the Oceanside, California area and work for a healthcare system across the greater San Diego area. My passion with this course is to significantly improve my writing skills for my work and especially my desire to put the story that has been in my head for many years to paper.

Writing the profile helped me realize I have so much to write about. I'd like to retire sometime in the next few years and faithful that writing will become my retirement income. I want to write novels, self-help books, short stories and better technical writing.

Finally, I see that fifty-eight years has stacked up a fair amount of topic material. Now it's time to see if readers will appreciate my experiences turned into stories.

Great to be here.

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Re: Students Personal Profiles!

Unread post by LadyLynn427 »

My name is Lynn and I'm 53 years old. I live in Fresno California yeah I have been riding since I was 10 years old. I currently right short stories poems journal and write letters to friends and family. I have several books that I started and hope to do so during this course. I am currently trying to get disability and take care of my granddaughter while her mother work.

My goal is to create and publish Christian short stories and poems. I also want to meet more writers like myself. I wouldn't mind being part of a writing group as well.
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Re: Students Personal Profiles!

Unread post by jasminek0215 »

My name is Jasmine and I am 23 yrs old. I am currently in the military serving the US Navy and decided to pursue a dream of mine. Which just so happens to be writing. I want to improve more on my structure and learn more about the genres for writing. Hopefully, by taking Creative Writing I will be able to find my niche and figure out what I want to start writing novels for or whatever I finally decide to do. Right now, I am stationed in Newport, RI and am working in the medical field at the Naval Health Clinic. This is something I am hoping will give more umph into my life.
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Re: Students Personal Profiles!

Unread post by paulebe »

Hi. My name is Paul. I want to write books. simply put, for a living.

thanks for the applause :)
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Re: Students Personal Profiles!

Unread post by Darryl »

Hi my name is Dale but my family calls me Darryl like my brother Darryl and my other brother Darryl. Anyway I'm 52 working as a pysch nurse in Toronto Canada on a Medium Secure Forensic unit. I love to write and read, I find getting lost in another world either one I created or someone elses extreamly relaxing and reenergizing.
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Re: Students Personal Profiles!

Unread post by LauraDear13 »

This forum is several years old. :lol:
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Re: Students Personal Profiles!

Unread post by NicoleLP »

Hi my name is Nicole Palanio and I am 34 years old. I enrolled in the Creative Writing course yesterday to expand my writing knowledge and technique for the novel I am writing. I have been writing my novel for about a year now and I think it is coming along good. I am also a personal support worker by day and a author by night. I am new at this whole online learning thing. So I thought I would say hi to everyone who is taking this course. Hi everyone lol :D happy learning everyone.
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