What can I expect

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What can I expect

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Hello; So happy to be on board with all of you. I am wondering what to expect in regards to tutor responses. Do I actually comunicate with this person or does he/she only take my assignments and check off my completed work? :roll:
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Re: What can I expect

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I just sent in my third assignment and am changing to Novel writing. I can only speak from my experience, but my tutor has been wonderful so far. I get my returned assignments back in about 10 days. She makes corrections, suggestions and then answers all my questions about writing. She asks me to limit the questions to around 5. She is so helpful and doesn't write back in a sentence or two...she gives lots of tips and answers. I am sure each tutor has their own way of doing things, but this is how mine works. I get to have her in Novel writing. I like her so well I asked that I get to keep her. If it is a question that the office can help, call them. They are very helpful as well.
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