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I have lived 65 years, and my life has been like living in the middle of a turbulent ocean. Things have not gone exactly as planned, but I am hanging in there regardless.

I feel writing can be the best therapy a person can administer to themselves and obtain a world view from others. Sometimes more than one head can be best and causes one to examine not only the text but the subtext that goes with along with living.

I have noted of late that people don't read as much as they once did and maybe that is because computers, cell phones and anything that takes them from picking up a hardback or paperback has become more prominent. The thing most people don't understand the more you stare into a screen the more damage is done to your eyes. Myopia is a constant threat, and it is no fun. I developed myopia over the years, and when I turned 11 I needed glasses. My parents never told me I was born with a disability that caused the myopia but would also cause astigmatism. The one thing is that I can only complain so much.

I want to be successful and at my age writing is my only option plus I enjoy reading and writing. I have to thank my father and my teachers the Sisters of Mercy and the Sisters of Providence along with the priest of OSJ.

So here goes. :D
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