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What is going on? It appears that not many people are writing these days. Also, I've noted that people don't read much anymore either. I know that computers can be fun, but a hardback or paperback doesn't hurt once in a while. Those types of books can become very valuable one day, and it curtails debates with your friends and acquaintances because you will have the printed word at your fingertips. No kidding. :D
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Re: Suspicious

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Hi Whippersnapper,

Welcome to the course and thank you for using the Forum! We only started offering this feature several months ago and its our hope that our students will become comfortable accessing it regularly soon. Keep up the great work with the daily posts! I'm sure it'll motivated other students to share their thoughts as well.

In the meantime please feel free to start working on your Personal Profile. As soon as we receive it we will assign your tutor so that you can get started on your course.

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