I am a new student

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I am a new student

Unread post by Tables70 »

I am looking forward to learning new writing skills and making some new friends along the way :D
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Re: I am a new student

Unread post by mpbarrese »

Hi I am also new to this course, I just finished my first assignment. I hope to improve my writing skills to the point that I will be able to be published. Good luck on your journey through the course. :D
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Re: I am a new student

Unread post by krissj »

Hi Tables and MP,

I am also new. Good luck to us all. :-)
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Re: I am a new student

Unread post by LMyers »

I'm a new student and I'm looking forward to expanding on my writing skills and proper formats. I also look forward to making new friends.
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Re: I am a new student

Unread post by Shenley »

Hello everyone,

I'm also a new student and looking forward to jump on this new adventure. :lol:
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Re: I am a new student

Unread post by dwr97392 »

Hi All, I'm also a new student. I keep asking myself, "Can this still be done WELL at 60?" I'm hoping so! I have three books I'm working on...you know, old people have a gift of 'babble!", so I'm told.
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Re: I am a new student

Unread post by Gabreyno »

Hello World !!! I remember back in my days that this was the first programme that we create. Now I'm beginning with this new adventure of writing. Any tips, advices do and don'ts will be higly appreciated.

Good luck to every one and let's write the new world.
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Re: I am a new student

Unread post by Krisy »

Hi, I am also a new student and awaiting my course material for Novel writing. I have wanted to write a novel for years, have a couple on the go and have written several small articles here and there. I love writing but am easily distracted so I am highly looking forward to learning some new skills so I can get that novel done and published. I am also really looking forward to meeting new people with a lot of similar interests! I wish all of you great success! ps. I don't think its ever too late to start something new or pick up something you have had on hold for a while!
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Re: I am a new student

Unread post by Bussap »

Write what you feel and let it flow people. This is a big step we've all decided to take with this writing so do I encourage you and me to represent it to the fullest, " ya dig." One...
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Re: I am a new student

Unread post by LovetoRead1963 »

Hello everyone,
Well it appears there are a lot of new students, me being one of them. Good luck to everyone. :D
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Re: I am a new student as well

Unread post by NicoleLP »

Hi, My name is Nicole Palanio and I am 34 years old. I just enrolled in the Creative Writing course to gain more knowledge on writing techniques for my novel I am currently writing. I have been writing my novel for a year now and it's coming along good. I am a Personal Support Worker by day , and Author by night. I am new to the whole online learning thing. So I just wanted to introduce myself and say Hi to everyone in this course. Have a great day and happy learning everyone. :D
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