B5: Practice Makeup Application

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B5: Practice Makeup Application

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So I'm on Unit B assignment B5. And I'm a little confused about when they talk about the materials you need to complete this section. I know it says if the model you're working on has foundation, concealer, and powder that they use daily to ask if its okay for you to use to do the application, but if not do I need to go out and purchase products that aren't given in the course package such as the foundation, brow/face powder etc...?
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Re: B5: Practice Makeup Application

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Hi There,

I think what the course guide is telling you to do is either use your friends makeup that they use on a daily basis.

If this makeup is not colour matched in your opinion to their skin, then use your own makeup that will match their skin to get a perfect result.

If you don't already have this makeup in your kit (there are a few concealer colours and I think even foundation) then you will have to buy it or use your own makeup (if it colour matches).

It is also suggesting that you can mix their makeup and your together to achieve the colour match to apply your base.

I hope that makes sense.

Good luck
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