i desperately need models

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i desperately need models

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Hi all,

i am having a lot of trouble getting models as they cancel on me, i have a photographer onboard with me that i have started collaborating with i just need models can anybody assist? i have been stuck for a month now on 2 assignments and can't move forward as I'm waiting on people if you are available call me on 0422649019 I'm Near plainland 4342 QLD.

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Re: i desperately need models

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Hi Kate why don't you use Facebook as a means to find clients!
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Re: i desperately need models

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I have the same problem too getting models who show up.

I have the same problem did it on facebook i did it on my neighbours and seems everyone is always busy .Some times we are not just lucky.

Especially if you are far away from sisters and friends.

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