A4 Makeup Chart

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A4 Makeup Chart

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Hey guys, I've just started my study and i'm super excited!! I'm almost through the first unit, but have got to A4 Makeup Chart and i'm not sure what to do - has anyone completed this and can let me know what I need to do? Is this just a list of makeup that we already own?? Thanks for the help :)
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Re: A4 Makeup Chart

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Hi amylouise93,

For this assignment you will be listing the makeup products that you plan on purchasing in order to supplement your kit. So not what you already have, but what you need.

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Re: A4 Makeup Chart

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hi. I just got to assignment A4..... 'Is this a list a products we plan on purchasing or do we "have to" purchase them first???? I am really eager to continue my studies, but cant afford to get multiples of things at the moment.
thanks and help!!
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