Bridal Makeup tips

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Bridal Makeup tips

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Hey there,
I am interested to know about foundations that are the best for weddings. Long wear, dewy finish, full coverage. Also, palettes for appropriate wedding eye colours? All other products you think are an absolute must, I would love to know about too. Any advice would be awesome!
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Re: Bridal Makeup tips

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Foundations with buildable coverage that finishes velvety or satin on the skin are ideal for weddings. Be careful of ones that have too dewy a finish or have a ton of SPF in. A little SPF is fine. But if there's too much of that or dewyness the skin will photograph strangely with the high powered flash that photographers use.

Using too much powder to set or powdery foundation is something to be wary of as well, as the powder will settle into lines from smiling and just generally making expressions, and that will show right up in photos too. It also has a decidedly aging effect on the skin, and brides want to look radiant and glowing on their big day!

Neutrals and soft rosy pinks are classically beautiful, romantic wedding shades, so definitely have an abundance of those in your palette. A note on black eye shadow though. It can look too done and heavy, and also photographs as gray a lot of the time, so that's something to keep in mind as well.

Neutrals and radiant, glowing skin are essential to a classic bridal look, in my opinion.

Hope this helps! :)
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