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Favorite Product

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Hi everyone!

Nice to meet you all, I'm Ria and I was wondering about your favorite product! We all have one, a favorite lipstick, an eyeliner we carry everywhere, a powder that gives you that amazing finish- What's yours?

Mine is the air flash spray from Dior. I only use it once in a while because it's so expensive but the way it stays after I spray it on and gives a natural glow to my skin- I absolutely love it! :D

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Re: Favorite Product

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I love love love Smashbox pore minimizing primer as well as the Urban Decay All-Nighter makeup setting spray. They are must haves in my kit.
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Re: Favorite Product

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I absolutely LOVE Make Up Forever's Mist & Fix setting spray, it keeps you looking nice and fresh all day long and is super handy when needing a touch up. Definitely a must have in my kit.
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