B1 assignment personal skin care tracking chart

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B1 assignment personal skin care tracking chart

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can anyone please help me i have some questions:
in the second option of the chart they write PRODUCTS/TOOLS USED TO COMPLETE THE STEP so first i should write the names of the product?and i don't use any tools so should i write "my hands"?
and the step HOW THE STEP FITS WITH YOUR SKIN what should i write in this step?plz give me some idea
and in comments what kind of comments that my skin is good with these steps or anything else?
i know these are very silly questions but i am very confused in this assignment please help me :(
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Re: B1 assignment personal skin care tracking chart

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Hi I have just finished doing that assignment. I just wrote the name of the product I use first and then underneath that wrote the tool if I used one e.g foundation
foundation brush

if you use your hands to apply foundation just put applied with hands underneath they said to be completely honest and its what you do not what you are doing to a client.

the :how this fits with your skin question
I think it means does the product your using work well on your skin do you think it drys it out, makes it oily or do you like the results you get from it.

Hope this helps :):)
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