unit B practice makeup application

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unit B practice makeup application

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Hey guys

Hope you can help now with this I do have afriend of mine that I can do it on but she only uses a light coverage I did the application with no conceaor as she doesn't use it and I can still see all of the freckles on her face also puffy eyes she didn't want natural at all she wanted dark jade with a black in the outter corners I did this but I used the dark jade in the eyeshadow kit but I find that it is not very pigmented to use and it always falls off the eyes even after I have not taken to much. her foundation is a light ivory it matched up just fine

So is it best to do full coverage as I don't want to risk having to re do it again.
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Re: unit B practice makeup application

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Did you tried to prime her upper eyes lid?, primer usually do not show so it could be considered as a light coverage for the eyes and also help to settle the eye shadows and pop up its color.
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Re: unit B practice makeup application

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Definitely try a primer i think a really good one that works for me is Stay dont Stray by benefit or a hack that i like to do is use a concealer ( i use Maybeline eye eraser or body shop crayon) and then set that with a translucent and then do the shadow.
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Re: unit B practice makeup application

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I've read that if you have trouble finding a model or if your model doesn't have the right foundation, you CAN use yourself as a model. The school even said its fine to use yourself for the assignments.
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