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New Student

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Hi everyone!

I am brand new to QC Makeup and I am very excited to begin! I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how long it takes for the kit to arrive roughly? I am going away at the end of the week so I am crossing my fingers that the kit arrives before then!

I was also wondering if anyone could give me advice on what makeup I need to purchase prior to beginning the course? I have the basics such as foundation, mascara etc. but is there anything super important that I must purchase?

I am so exciting that I finally get to be doing something that I love and I look forward to hearing from some of you :D

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Re: New Student

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Hi, welcome! So, from what I've seen and experienced, you should recieve your kit within a week.

Products that I found I needed (also because its more practical for me to practice every day by doing make up looks on my own face) are foundation primer, eye shadow primer, witch hazel toner, eye pencil for my eye brows. I started to purchase stuff from MAC. Also, sign up for your student discount ASAP. I already signed up at Urban Decay Pro, building a kit even for yourself will get expensive, you need all the discounts you can get.
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