Unit B A1

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Unit B A1

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I am struggling with my first assignment for unit B.... I flew through unit A probably because it was all theory pretty much.... can anyone explain to me how to do assignment 1 preparation for makeup application???
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Re: Unit B A1

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Hi there,

I believe the assignment just calls for you to describe your current skin care routine. I just walked through all my steps I take before bed after I remove my makeup, i.e. removal, cleansing the skin, toning, moisturizing, etc. From what I understood, we just have to describe what we do, list the products we use, and evaluate (based on what we have learned so far in the unit), how this affects our skin, if it's beneficial or if we can improve on it. If you're unclear, I'd email or call for clarification. They're super great at helping!!

Good luck!

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