unit A the optional assignments

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unit A the optional assignments

Unread postby Frances88 » September 7th, 2016, 4:03 am

how important are the optional assignments at the end of unit A , is for people that are going straight to do there own business at the end of the course ,as wont it register your business name if you do it even thou you wont be starting it yet ??.
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Re: unit A the optional assignments

Unread postby Jessicavisser » September 7th, 2016, 7:45 am

Pretty sure i read that if you dont do them you get charged. I may be wrong though.
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Re: unit A the optional assignments

Unread postby tonielizabethh » September 10th, 2016, 5:24 am

at the bottom of the page to upload your assessment there this note

Note for optional assignments: If you would like to submit your optional assignments at a later date, there will be an additional charge. Please email our student support specialists at info@qccareerschool.com for further details.

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