Hi from Australia

Meet other students, discuss your assignments, and talk about the latest trends in makeup.
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Hi from Australia

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Hi everyone,

I just started yesterday, so I'm making my way around the site and wanted to say hello to everyone. I'm a mum of two gorgeous children and I can't wait to learn everything I need to start my own career from home
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Wow, Australia

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I will be working from home, too, when I finish this course. I will be selling Mary Kay products as well as my newly learn skills. It must be hard being a mom and studying and looking for work at the same time?
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Re: Hi from Australia

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I am new also just completed Unit A I am also from Australia
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Re: Hi from Australia

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Hi Ladies,

I'm from sunny FNQ and have also just completed Unit A and onto A6 in Unit B, which I'm hoping to smash out when I go visit my family at xmas time to use as my models.
I'm fining the course great as it's all self pace so there is no pressure to rush all meet deadlines.
I wish you all the best of luck during your studies.
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Re: Hi from Australia

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Hi, I've just signed up on the course as well. I'm from Regional south Australia.
Just working my way around the site. I haven't started learning yet but will soon.
I have recently signed up as a Younique Presenter. Hopefully this course will help with that.
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