I am new to this school.

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I am new to this school.

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Hello everyone, it is about time that I start a new page in my life. :D I just finish watching all the "how to" videos and will go back to review the videos again just to make sure that I understand how to do everything. I watched the Welcome video already, that Nathan Johnson was very professional. To bad that I had to wait until all of that video was finish downloading to fully understand the tips and message. I have a slow internet connection. My package will not be getting here until 5 or 10 days from now.
My name is Tressa T. Nguyen, I was born on February 21, 1980. The reason as to why I am taking this course is I wanted to provide an additional service with selling Mary Kay products. I will be invest in the Mary Kay business op in April or when I graduate from this course. Is it possible to sell a makeup facial for $75 to $100 per session if I am using my Mary Kay demonstration products and sample packs? Or is that to much to charge for someone who is just beginning? I am hoping that I could so I would be able to make a profit from my future investments on Mary Kay demonstration products and samples. If I charge the usual $50 per session, I will only break even on my investments.
Thanks to the Mary Kay business op, I will; not I am going to have a job. It is good to be certified in additional service. Thank you QC Makeup Academy for being there and online. I hope for the best in my studies and my future plans.

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