unit A assignment A5

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unit A assignment A5

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so I watched the videos brush types and cleaning your brushes and I'm now doing the assignment A5.
I don't understand what it means by putting the correct description letter next to each brush type.
example is bronzer brush-H ... what does the H stand for I don't get it ?
help please
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Re: unit A assignment A5

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Hey lovely!

So I know you wrote this a few months ago, but if you're still stuck, open your Unit A "Course Guide" and go to "Assignment A5".... You will see that it says " List of Brush Names" and then the next column will have "Description of brush's and its use"...

For example, the first column " List of brush names" starts off as....

1. Powder Brush
2. Bronzer Brush
3. Concealer Brush
4. Flat eyeliner brush
4.Face blender brush

The column next to it "Description of brush's and its use" has
"A" (then a description of the brush) and then
"B" (with a description of that brush)

So "A" would belong to "1. Powder Brush".... Therefore, you would put "Powder Brush - A"
and then you would put "Bronzer Brush - B"

Just keep following along and match the name of the brush to the correct description letter. This is what i did!... Hope this helps! :)
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