HELP!! eyeliner application

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HELP!! eyeliner application

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Hi people

I am having problems with my eyeliner application. I just cant get it right, my eyeliner application is always crooked . When I tried to fix it by making it thicker, it always end up to thick :(

Any tips beginners on how to apply eyeliner properly?
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Re: HELP!! eyeliner application

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I would start by making small strokes on the lash line and connect the lines as you go even if the look is created by brush, pencil, or liquid. I love layering all three together personally. It gives lots of dimension, yet natural and daytime to nighttime appropriate. I start with lining my eye with a dark brown eyeshadow with angled brush, small strokes just like I mentioned, there is so much more control when you do this. Next I take the black pencil repeat the same process, don't worry if it's a little messy. We are going to back over the pencil with eye shadow a second time before liquid. Also make sure liquid eyeliner is really close to the lash line. We don't want to mess up all of our work to achieve this fabulous eyeliner layering technique.

Hopefully this is of any help!!
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