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did a lovely make up look today on a teen and was disappointed with my concealer and foundation coverage at hiding her blemishes. i used our kit concealer and revlon moose foundation. it just seemed not to cover or blend well and her forehead looked dry. any hints or tips or ideas or changes of product would be appreciated. :?:
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Re: pimples

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I had horrible acne as a teenager and here's what I learned: the skin around blemishes are raised and irritated and that is going to make it dry and peely, so the first thing you want to do on any face is have the best possible canvas you can get, and that means using products that mesh with the skin type. In this case, you want to make sure your model's skin is exfoliated and super hydrated so have her use a non-irritating exfoliant and a non-cosmogenic rich moisturizer. To deal with pigment issues around the blemish, use colors that will counter. For gray, purple, or black marks use something with a hint of pink. For pinkness or redness, use a concealer with green and then add a matching skin colored concealer around it to blend the color into the rest of the skin. I would AVOID any concealer on a face like this that has drying properties such as a whipped or matte finish. A cream or liquid foundation here is ideal with a dusting of fine powder to finish it with. You may even be able to get away with a moisture-infused mineral foundation, but minerals tend to be drying. If you airbrush, make sure her skin is well hydrated and moisturized beforehand, but you should get a fairly decent result as long as you take the time to prep her face according to her skin type and use the right concealer colors in the right places. Hope this helps.
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