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Anybody? i need advice/help!

Posted: September 26th, 2013, 12:12 pm
by sant0214
im at Unit E right now, i've been doing everything great! nathan love my work and although i feel proud, i feel like i want to go out and experience more.
yesterday i went around the mall and ask makeup counter that i admire for job, like mac, sephora and bare mineral, ect. they all said go online and mac lady gave me an application, she was really nice. i felt confident and yet NOT so much! >.<i didn't bring my resume which i should. so i plan to fill out and ccome back.
U guys, im so bum at the moment, i watch youtube video about people experience with mac interview, it sounded so hard TT.TT, im scaring myself now. but i know if i pick up that brush, im confident as superman lol
what should i do? apply to it and see how it goes? i mean i would love to work for m.a.c but i heard you do have to sale so much as an requirement and thats what scare me, not the make up side of it!. i want to do make up not SALE! i could sale, i've experience with retail, customer service with working at the salon. Anybody pls give me advice :cry:
Btw, does QC help intership? or find job? can QC help with any recommendation? :idea:
below, here are my work to share with you guys, not to show off, but so you guys can have idea of me if ill be fit for mac