Why is my foundation looking "Flaky" on my upper T zone?

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Why is my foundation looking "Flaky" on my upper T zone?

Unread postby Lily79 » September 29th, 2013, 7:10 pm

So after I have properly moisturized my face, let that sink in well for a good 15-20 min, Then primed my face and let that soak in as well for another 10 minutes, after I apply my foundation w/a dual fiber brush, about 20 minutes afterwards, my foundation looks flaky and patchy on the sides of my face for example, the apple of my cheek, on top of the bridge of my nose and even under my eyes? Do I need to exfoliate more? Currently on once a week of exfoliating. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. =D
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Re: Why is my foundation looking "Flaky" on my upper T zone?

Unread postby pinklady87uk » October 5th, 2013, 2:33 pm

it may be dry skin on your t-zone? if not what foundation are you using it may not be right for you skin type some foundations oxidise which means they darken or go patchy after a certain amount of time wearing the foundation. I found that when foundations go flaky on my forehead and nose its because i have not exfoliated beforehand and dead skin cellls are left and become a lot more noticable once foundation is applied, maybe try exfoliating before foundation and moustiruse then wait a a few minutes and then apply it and see if this makes a difference if it is still flaky it maybe too dry a formula for your skin or if you have oily skin in that area it may not be a foundation that is for oily or combination skin hope that helps a bit as i have had these problems before with flaky areas. :)

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