Favorite water/smudge proof eyeliner?

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Favorite water/smudge proof eyeliner?

Unread post by Anita.Siri »

Just curious what's your favorite brand for a waterproof or smudge proof eyeliner? I feel like I've tried almost everything and nothing is working for me even with a primer!
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Re: Favorite water/smudge proof eyeliner?

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My absolute favorite are Schwing liquid liner from The Balm and believe it or not the gel liner from Wet N Wild is AMAZING! I used to use maybelline's gel liner but it cracked and had a lot of shrinkage, which I felt shouldn't happen for Maybelline products, especially when it does not happen at all with my cheap Wet N Wild.

Neither the liquid liner or the gel liner run or smear. What primer are you using on your lids? I've used quite a few, from Urban Decay to benefits and Wet N' Wilds new one from their Fergie line (it works and is amazingly inexpensive) but the only one that honestly works for me is Too Faced Shadow Insurance. It depends on why my clients are getting their makeup done as to which I use between the Shadow Insurance and the Wet N' Wild primers.

If you are speaking in terms of the liners not working well for yourself personally verses clients, do you have oily lids? I have a very oily forehead and lids with the rest of my face being normal (and a tad dry around my nose). After trying just about everything possible with foams, cleansers, lotions, etc. to cut down on the oil I used oil! Coconut oil that is :mrgreen: It takes very little product and it works amazingly well. I know it seems counter-productive to use oil to cut down on oil but I swear by it. Also, by using the coconut oil on your lids it helps with eyelash growth.

Hope this info helps. ;)
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Re: Favorite water/smudge proof eyeliner?

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I have had amazing results with Urban Decay liners as well as e.l.f. plain pencil liners. I am a fan of pencil liners in general. I also like powder liners that you have to wet and apply with a brush. They are a little more old school, but they seem to stay a bit better. UltraFlesh makes a nice set, but there are others out there.
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