Confused about C8??

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Confused about C8??

Unread post by Nicole »

I've read all the videos and watched all the DVD's but I am so confused as to how we are meant to answer C8 overcoming objections.

Could any help me please? It's the last one of unit C and I just want to get it done!!

Thank you
Nicole :)
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Re: Confused about C8??

Unread post by Vanityladii »

Did you ever get help? I'm also on this and this has been holding me back.

I was confused if this was a 2 part question about the bride or are the 2different scenarios. :|

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Re: Confused about C8??

Unread post by Jennybaby1988 »

I've just completed mod C and that section you just have write what you would say in response to the two objectons.
So "My sister offered to do all our makeup" just write what you would say to her if she had just told you that, how would you try win her back into hiring you by using more information about what you provide or empathize with her (Like how it's an added expense but in the long run it's worth it and a minimal fee compared to the rest of the wedding)
Hope this helps!
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