Unit A the brushes whats what?

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Unit A the brushes whats what?

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Hey everyone hope you all having great wknd...I am actually working on my unit A on my 5th assignment but I am not getting any clue for that quiz i have read the full brush Glossary section but still not getting it..will someone please help me out how to understand this quiz? on quiz it have example like Bronzer brush is- H which makes no sense to me and cant figure out why H and what does that stand for?

Thank you and looking forward to get help from someone.
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Re: Unit A the brushes whats what?

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Hey there, I just finished unit A and got an A+ review. The biggest tip I can give you is that it's an open book quiz! :D you can use the book with the quiz, and the quiz is ALMOST copied exactly from the book. There are a few tricky ones, but if you focus I think you can get it! Good Luck! Let me know how you did!
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Re: Unit A the brushes whats what?

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Hi Serena,

Please refer to your Course Guide for Unit A to find all of the descriptions and their corresponding letters. All of your assignments for the course are included in your Course Guides.

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