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Client Card

Unread postby shimmerglam » March 21st, 2014, 9:30 pm

Can someone tell me how you go about the coloring portion of your client card? I just submitted unit C and while my tutor said I did great, I forgot to color in the diagram on my client cards. I'm confused as to how to do this in the way that they are asking me to...I am currently a practicing MUA, and when I fill out my client cards for my business (which are different than those used in the course) I put a little swatch of the actual makeup on the diagram, but notice that as they get older, the colors fade and don't look the same, so, I"m looking for another method anyway. I always list the name of the color and the product code if it's on the label, but...just unsure of what my tutor is asking for. Thanks guys!

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