Brush Cleaning ...

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Brush Cleaning ...

Unread post by tmmakeupartistry »

Hi lovelies :)

Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for brush cleaning products between clients? I've heard an all alcohol spray is bad for the brushes.. so anything gentler but still effective in cleaning on the go/at events?

I use baby shampoo or anti-bacterial hand wash for cleaning at home :)

Ps: i'm from Australia. So products available here would be ideal :)

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Re: Brush Cleaning ...

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Hi there -

The link posted below is a list of brush cleaners ... hopefully you can find one of these brands in Australia (I so want to visit), if not this should at least give you an idea of what to look for!!

Im also posting a DIY brush cleaner article apparently can use olive oil ...anyway check out the article and go from there. ... 53086.html - DIY ARTICLE ... 14&dpr=0.9 - DIFFERENT BRANDS OF BRUSH CLEANER

Best Wishes,

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Re: Brush Cleaning ...

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I personally use body shop brush cleaner
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