A4 Assignment need help :)

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A4 Assignment need help :)

Unread post by Paz »

Hello everyone!
I need a little help, i am finding a bit hard to do the A4 assignment because there are many different type of skins that i dont know what to put in the chart, should i make a list of every single type of foundation and powder with their tones?
The thing is that ther is not many spaces to add them.
I will appriciate any help
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Re: A4 Assignment need help :)

Unread post by arlyn23 »


what I did is that I write down what I will use for me and 2 other types of skin

is just for a start, my models are my sister so, we have just 3 different type of skin so I put what I will buy if I do theirs skin
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Re: A4 Assignment need help :)

Unread post by brknnrmn »

I'm looking for help on this as well!
Can anyone help with the 'product code' section?

I have the items and where they can be purchased as well as the price, I am just not sure of the product code.
(I'm going to feel ridiculous if this is an easy answer)
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Re: A4 Assignment need help :)

Unread post by Greer »

I am stuck as well. I'm not sure how much information to add. I used Sephora a lot, and for the "product code" I've just been putting the Item number on the website. I have no idea if I'm doing it right. I'm afraid to list palettes because I don't want to type out every single color. A lot of them are so large.

Please help!

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Re: A4 Assignment need help :)

Unread post by Reeree »

im stuck tooo :(
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Re: A4 Assignment need help :)

Unread post by BrendaRose »

Yes, I am stuck at this one too, as the table doesn't allow for what I think needs to be there, and do they want us to go shopping and researching or just put in what we already have and use..... I'm confused haha..
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Re: A4 Assignment need help :)

Unread post by CrystalRose »

Hey guys, when I did this all i did was list any product that I would stock in my kit, i even did alot of drugstore. Its basicly just so you can demonstrate filling in a template like this i think. I didnt include any product codes either as most didnt have any. EG.....Artdeco brow powders, Magnetic palette,Light, medium, dark,Farmers department store $9.00 each and I passed for it :) dont over think it to much
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Re: A4 Assignment need help :)

Unread post by Chantelle86 »

ok im just starting and do i also put down the colours for the foundation or is it just a general of what i would use?
for eg, i would get revlon colourstay in both oily and combination and normal to dry skin, but i havent said what colours.
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Re: A4 Assignment need help :)

Unread post by Jaime Williams »

Hi Chanetelle86,

Yes, you will want to list the colors for all of the products as well. :)

Warm Wishes,

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Re: A4 Assignment need help :)

Unread post by LyndaJackson »

I'm stuck on this as well. I am trying to decide if I put down what I'd use on myself (one example for each item), or if I need to blow this out to be a bigger "kit-related" chart. So confusing!
Should we just have a ton of different line items to account for everything?
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Re: A4 Assignment need help :)

Unread post by Chantelle86 »

Alot of the items inused were from kryolan as they have huge palettes for this sort of thing.
There was a foundation one which covered 2 diff types of palettes i chose the one with different shades almost to those identical to what to have in your kit as you b an mix and maych the shades also.
The bigger companies such as thing that do stage makeup theatrical makeuo etc will have kits like this.
I did it that way as i covered all the basis in one section.
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Re: A4 Assignment need help :)

Unread post by NikkiO »

Ok! Here's what I did, and got an excellent mark on my first unit.

Open your text book 'the world of professional makeup artistry' to page 54. Your guide is here. In your charts' product column put each of the makeup items from the list (just the makeup, don't go past the the lip balm in the list.)



1.face powder




Also there are a few important products missing from the list and only ten sections in the column so I listed some products together like this: foundations/primers, concealers/correctors, eyeshadows/primers

Then once you have all the product types listed you need to do some research to start filling in the rest of the chart. I spent a lot of time on sephora.com searching items, a good answer example would be

1.face powder:

Makeup Forever:
duo mat powder foundation in
  • -colour 199-beige rose
    -colour 201-ivory
    -colour 218-chocolate
(Not all items have number codes but most have a name of some sort. You should aim to have a minimum of three colours in the light, medium and dark range for foundations, concealers and tinted setting powders. Try to stick to 3 neutral colours OR have 3 cool tone colours in the light, medium and dark range and 3 warm tone colours in light, medium and dark, which will give you a large range of colours you can get by mixing any of those 6 together.)

Available at....

$40.00 each

Also a good place to research products is youtube, watch favourites videos from professional makeup artists. I highly recommend Jaclyn Hill's favourites https://m.youtube.com/user/Jaclynhill1 and gossmakeup https://m.youtube.com/user/gossmakeupartist does really good product reviews.

Remember, you're making a chart for a beginers kit. A more advanced kit will have a huge range of colours available but for now focus on a few basic colours that you can mix to make a larger variety of colours. The purpose of this assignment I think is so to open our eyes to the wide variety of products that are available and so we can see what we will actually need to begin accumulating ourselves over time. I treated it like my real kit, I put in everything I already have and everything I intend to actually buy so I did a ton of real research and every time I go the mall I pick something up from my chart and cross it off the list. You DON'T actually have to buy anything for the assignment! So don't worry. Focus on researching palettes as much as possible, you don't have to write out each individual colour, just which palette it is (example: Makeup Geek Ultimate Palette: chevron palette,) you'll have much less to write and it won't take as long to finish your chart. Also when you start actually building your kit in real life palettes take up far less room and are all around more practical. You can get really good quality ones at kryolan, graftobian, Bobbi brown, morphe, makeup geek, MAC and from many other brands.

If you're still having trouble let me know!
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