make up kits!

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make up kits!

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Im needing some help on what needs to be in my kit, other than just the actual make up! im anal about lists so im starting a few lists, but dont want to miss anything!
im lucky enough to have a friend that is a sales rep for make up, so i get sealed lip sticks, shadows, liners etc for $2 each, and went a little crazy with lipsticks! but any ideas on what to put on my list would be greatly appreciated! :)
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Re: make up kits!

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Hope this helps...

Brushes, Sponges (beauty blender and something like a konjac sponge to prep the skin), Brush Cleaners
Brow Scissors, Tweezers
Eyelash Curler
Hand Towel
Sanitizer / Rubbing Alcohol
Eye Drops
Pencil Sharpeners (regular and large)
Fragrance Free Moisturiser
Lip Balm
Nail File, Polish Remover, Clear and Colour Nail Polish
Q-tips, Disposable Mascara Wands
Lashes (strip and individual), Lash Glue
Bar Soap
Palette knife for mixing
Wipes (fragrance free)
Non oil makeup remover
Toothbrush, Toothpaste
Mints, Gum
Business Cards
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