Unit A, Assignment 4: makeup chart

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Unit A, Assignment 4: makeup chart

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Hi everyone!
I'm so exciting to be starting this course and love that I can get feedback from people in my position!
That being said...I'm a little confused by Unit A Assignment 4: Makeup Chart. Is there reading material or a video I missed for this assignment or am I literally to list products I already know or are currently using?

I appreciate the help and look forward to working with all of you!

Susan M.
Philadelphia, PA
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Re: Unit A, Assignment 4: makeup chart

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I think the assigment is stocking your kit, I reserch for products for my kit, I didnt buy it , That I want to have in my kit, can be on a budget or more professional stuff. I toke advance and make a list about things that I can afford and Will buying soon. Good luck , let me know if you need anything.
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